thanks to all for coming out to visit the hollyhue moving boutique at the following locations: renegade craft fair- brooklyn and san fran, and the philly art star. the weather was great for all the weekends and had an amazing time traveling to the west coast with my hubby. news you can use, while on the west coast, i put my dresses, hip zips, and handbags in a boutique in the mission district in san fransisco called NEEDLES & PENS. i will be adding the info of the store to that page asap. i am also hearing of people having trouble emailing me through the site. i am contacting my web guy and letting him know this. in the meantime, feel free to email me at with any questions or what not. you know i am a busy-bee and even with all the craft fairs i have found time to make a few new bag styles and retiring others for the fall craft fairs so check back soon for new pics and items.

holly hue has exciting news and updates, especially for the site, finally!!!!! i am launching a birthchild of holly hue clothing along with shirt design artist, tallglass printing called, H2. it constist of giving amazing screen-printed animal designed t-shirts the holly hue flare and recycling them into cute and hip dresses and tanktops. the only way to get your hands on them is to come out to one of the many craft fairs ill be at this year. so check out the dates and see you there. like i said, new updates to the site!!! new products!!! and soon to be accepting all major credit cards along with the existing paypal. for the 2009 craft fair season, ones to be officially anounced are as follows: Arty Star Craft Fair May 30-31 in philly ( and Renegade Craft Fair june 13-14 in Brooklyn ( more to be anounced so keep checkin back.

2008 to 2009

Apr 06 2009

2008 has been a crazy year to say the least, the lack of updates on this site has been due to the increase of shows and getting hitched in the fall.
i would like to thank all of the owners, friends, and vendors my husband patrick and i have met and dealt with through these past few months.
thanks to renegade, artstar, and bazaar bizarre for hosting such great craft fairs!! the weather was a true testament to our crafting commitment and hoping it cuts us some slack in 2009.
so with that….my resolutions

What to expect of holly hue for 2009:
More boutiques and stores carrying Holly Hue Products (see the contact page for listings)
More new styles and products (check out the merch page)
More custom screen printed hip zips and other clothing at trade shows
More trade shows this year at least 7 and counting

New Items For Sale!

Apr 09 2007

I hope everyone had a happy new year, and those who received Holly Hue merchandise for the holidays were tickled pink!! There are new items up for sale and two new bag styles in the Merch section of the website. I am really excited about these. I originally made them for myself before I decided to put them up, and I can’t tell you how many compliments I received because of them. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do!!

Also as I’ve said before, here’s something great to make your custom hip-zip even more individualized: get your favorite band, picture, or logos incorporated on your hip-zip. Since finding an exact design is becoming more and more difficult, it is now an option to have any image screened onto your hip-zip. There is a small plate fee in order for the screen to be made and for the extra materials, as I am outsourcing this. A big thank you to Wooden T-shirts for all of their screen printing services. The pricing is as follows:

  • 1 color design is an additional $15
  • 2 color designs are an additional $25
  • 3 or more colors prices are quoted, inquire in order form please.

However, you can also send in any shirt or extra materials at no extra charge to make your custom hip-zip. The “heart and scissor” logo can be added to any hip-zip for an additional $5, with the colors choices being black, white, and red, at least for the time being.

This has been going great; customers have been so shocked that they can get the ultimate customized hip-zip!!!

Holly Hue’s spring line will be out by March or April of 2007. Be on the lookout for bright colors and an ode to the skaters and surfers of the 1980’s.

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